DUI Defense Attorney in Athens, GA

DUI Defense Attorney in Athens, GA

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Though a first-time DUI conviction is a misdemeanor, it can adversely affect your life in many ways. You will have to pay a substantial fine. Your driver’s license will be suspended. You will probably have a minimum jail time, usually 24 hours, and you will be on probation and required to perform community service. Second and third offenses carry significantly higher penalties.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, you need capable, aggressive legal representation. At The Lariscy Law Firm, we have represented many people accused of DUI, ranging from first-time arrests to those involving drivers with multiple prior convictions.
We will provide strong and assertive representation in both the criminal proceeding and the administrative hearing concerning license revocation. Contact us regarding charges of:

  • Underage DUI
  • Repeat DUI offender
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Felony DUI

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You have only 10 days after your arrest to request an administrative hearing. Joseph Lariscy will use this hearing to attempt to prevent a driver’s license suspension and to obtain evidence that could be useful in the criminal proceeding.

Overcoming a DUI Charge

Success is possible in DUI/DWI cases. Attorney Joseph Lariscy will review every aspect of your case, looking for police or prosecution errors that could provide the basis for a successful defense of the charge. These could include lack of probable cause by the police to stop your vehicle and investigate, improperly conducted field sobriety tests, improper breath machine testing procedures and other factors.

If the means for a successful defense exist, The Lariscy Law Firm will find it. Using the evidence, we can seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge, a reduction to a lesser charge, or a not guilty verdict at trial. However, before proceeding, we will discuss your legal options and provide an honest assessment of your case.

Minimizing the Consequences

In some DUI cases, the state’s evidence is strong and the best course of action is to minimize the penalties you incur.

Joseph Lariscy has had significant experience negotiating plea agreements with prosecutors in northeast Georgia. If your decision is to seek a mitigated outcome, our firm will work to obtain the best result possible, one that minimizes the consequences. We will place a high priority on obtaining temporary driving privileges, so that you can resume your life.

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