Car Accident Injury Attorney in Athens GA

Recovering from a car accident can mean more than just getting emergency medical care. You may have suffered economic losses. You may need long-term care and rehabilitation therapy to help you recover. You may face large medical bills and may not be able to work.

Where can you turn for help?

At The Lariscy Law Firm, we help car accident victims and their families obtain the medical care, rehabilitation services and compensation they need to recover to the fullest extent possible. We are experienced in all aspects of insurance claims and work with determination to succeed for our clients.

The Lariscy Law Firm wants to help you get the care and compensation you deserve. Call 706-389-4375 or contact us online for free consultation.

Protecting Your Well-Being and Your Health

Insurance companies tend to look out for their own interests, and seek to pay out as little in claims as they can. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a car accident, you must take action to protect yourself.

The Lariscy Law Firm will handle all aspects of your claim to help you get the medical care and compensation you deserve. We will document your injuries, your property damage, your loss of income, and your pain and suffering, and demand full compensation from the insurance company. Our firm will investigate the cause of the accident to establish liability. We will also work with your doctor and other medical providers to identify the care and services you need to recover.

Our goal in your case will be to maximize the compensation you receive.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Joseph Lariscy has been helping victims of car accidents, truck accidents and other acts of negligence for more than 20 years. He and his team have extensive experience in all types of cases, ranging from soft tissue injury cases to catastrophic cases involving spinal cord injury and brain injury.

The Lariscy Law Firm will use our experience and knowledge to help you get the compensation and care you deserve.

Helping You Rebuild Your Life

In your case, the road to recovery may be long but The Lariscy Law Firm will be with you every step of the way. We will treat you with the respect you deserve and work diligently to voice your side of the story. We want to help you rebuild your life.

For a free initial consultation with The Lariscy Law Firm, call 706-389-4375 or contact us online for free consultation.